My general teaching interests include statistical inference, nonparametric statistics, multivariate analysis, measurement error modeling, and latent variable modeling. I have also taught a few variations of “Introduction to Statistics” and “Statistics for Engineers” and enjoy engaging students with different levels of mathematical background.

At Texas Christian University (2019 – present)

At TCU, I have been tasked with developing specialized classes aimed jointly at actuarial students (preparation for the SRM exam) and students in the newly-approved data science major. These classes are:

  • MATH 40853 – Regression & Time Series Analysis
  • MATH 40883 – Predictive Modeling

Other classes taught:

  • MATH 10033 – Topics in Mathematics
  • MATH 10043 – Elementary Statistics
  • MATH 30853 – Statistics
  • MATH 60883 – Predictive Modeling (MS)
  • MATH 40970 – Special Topics (these are independent study sections aimed primarily at students intending to pursue undergraduate research of apply for graduate school, topics include Generalized Linear Models, Regularization and Penalized Estimation, Bayesian Statistics, Statistics of Games and Competitions.)

At Southern Methodist University (2012 – 2019)

  • STAT 1301 – Introduction to Statistics
  • STAT 4340 – Statistics for Engineers and the Sciences
  • STAT 6385 – Survey of Nonparametric Statistics (PhD)
  • STAT 6385 – Survey of Nonparametric Statistics (Applied MS)
  • STAT 7362 – Special Topic: Measurement Error Modeling (PhD)

At the University of Johannesburg (2006 – 2009)

I taught post-graduate (Honours) level courses STA0087 (Methods of Multivariate Analysis), STA0097 (Nonparametric Statistics), STA0167 (Statistics for Human Sciences),  and STA1107 (Statistical Inference). I also taught lab and practicum sessions for undergraduate courses STA1A10 (Distribution Theory), STA1B10 (Statistical Inference), STA2A10 (Probability Theory), STA2B10 (Statistical Inference and Distribution Theory), STA3A10 (Linear Models), and STA3B10 (Stochastic Processes). Finally, I taught short courses for the Department of Education Studies (Masters level) and the Department of Zoology (Honours level).