My research interest include nonparametric and semiparametric statistics, applications of empirical characteristic functions, measurement error and latent variable modeling, generalized skew-symmetric distributions, and circular data. For the most recent view of published manuscripts and pre-prints, see my Google Scholar.


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Manuscripts Under Review & Working Projects

  1. Nghiem, L.(*) & Potgieter, C.J. A Linear Errors-in-Variables Model with Unknown Heteroscedastic Measurement Errors.
  2. Potgieter, C.J., Kamata, A. & Kara, Y. An EM Algorithm for Estimating an Oral Reading Speed and Accuracy Model (arXiv: 1705.10446).
  3. Nussbaum, A.(*) & Potgieter, C.J. Comparing Estimation Methods for Multivariate Longitudinal Latent Trait Models with Two Sources of Measurement Error.
  4. Samaratunga, S.(*) & Potgieter, C.J. A Split-Sample Approach for Estimating the Index Parameter of a Stable Distribution (arXiv: 1705.09840).
  5. Potgieter, C.J. & Zhao, Y. Jackknife Empirical Likelihood for the Location-Scale Model.
  6. Qiao, X(**). & Potgieter, C.J. A Semiparametric Testlet Model For Count Data.

(**) indicates work done with a post-doctoral fellow, (*) indicates work done with PhD students, and (#) indicates work done with undergraduate students I have supervised)