Former PhD Students:

  • Ranil Samaratunga (December 2015)
    Two New Methods for Estimating the Stability Index of a Stable Distribution
    In Memorium
  • Amy Nussbaum (December 2015)
    Analysis of Longitudinal Latent-Variable Models with Two Sources of Measurement Error
    Assistant Instructional Professor, The Data Science Institute, The University of Chicago.
  • Linh Nghiem (May 2019)
    Measurement Error Modeling in High-Dimensional Settings
    Lecturer (US Assistant Professor equivalent), Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sydney,

Former Undergraduate Research Students:

  • Minh Bui (May 2022)
    Statistical Models for Reading Count Data
    Currently a PhD (Statistics) student at Boston University.

Current Undergraduate Research Students:

  • Ellena Tran (expected May 2023)
    Modeling Multi-Team Games with Individual Player Eliminations